We are your local Fab Lab in a shipping container, open to all, every Wednesday. Our website is currently down for maintenance, but you can still book machines by getting in touch at info@machinesroom.org!

Local Making

We believe that people should have access to machines and tools where they live and work.

Widening Access

We will show you how maker machines, tools and software are simple to use and for anyone.

Sustainable Materials

We are a circular economy living lab and support new materials, machines and methods.

Re:flex Q+A

Re:flex is a team working to make shape-memory materials accessible. We developed our own composite material that can change its […]

Good Waste Q+A

GoodWaste is a new design studio working on projects that create social and environmental good by reconsidering how objects are […]

London Design Festival 2019

We are once again opening our doors for London Design Festival this year. We will be open for the public […]


In April we hosted the making sessions of the innovative arts education program ModUAL run by Fred Deakin with Other […]

8 Influential Women of Design

In honour of International Women’s day here at Machines Room I wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of […]

Meet Cellule

  Salome Bazin, one of our Cohort members, has just launched two websites, her own and one for Cellule, a […]