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shared by professionals, learners,
and the inquisitive


Hold your event here, come to a talk or exhibition or take a tour of the space


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Local Manufacture – A Shop

Even in the final weeks of our location at MR, we haven’t stopped coming up with new projects and adventures! […]

Cohort Q&A: Grain

  After the recent launch of their business, new website, and new products, we though it was about time we […]

Cohort Q&A: Cellule

  Salome Bazin, one of our Cohort members, has just launched two websites, her own and one for Cellule, a […]

Cohort Q&A: Jana Zornik

We caught up with Jana Zornik, one of our newer Cohort members, whose bespoke interactive objects for self-enhancement have piqued […]

Cohort Q&A: Ross Atkin

Ross Atkin is a longstanding member of Machines Room who is now also a member of Cohort. He’s been involved […]

Cohort Q&A: Animaro

  Matt Gilbert has been a Machines Room member for quite a while now, and we were very excited to […]