Big news for Machines Room!

We’re changing it up at Machines Room! Starting Wednesday 27th November we will launch our new membership scheme and our revamped fablab at Containerville. We’ve downsized to one container to focus on digital fabrication, and we’ll also have 3 desks available for rent. 

To sign up to our new streamlined Fabman booking system, please complete this google form, and we’ll create a new account for you. We will be cancelling all membership on our current system, so if you are due a membership or booking refund, let us know at Please note that we are also re-working the pricing structure for membership and bookings. Becoming a member is currently FREE and we’ll only charge machine time but this might change in January 2020. 

We’d like to introduce Julien Vaissieres, the new manager of Machines Room. Julien is a long-time collaborator with Machines Room, having joined machines room in 2016 to start his 3d printing factory When we moved, came with us, becoming our neighbour at Containerville, so he will already be a friendly face to many of you.

Our workbench tools, power tools, and our plastic kitchen are now at Greenlab.