Machines Room is a vibrant community of designers, architects, artists and engineers in East London. We provide fabrication facilities for experimental and disruptive projects that have positive social and environmental impact. Machines Room was created and is curated by Thomas Ermacora. It is operated by a team with both technical and artistic backgrounds.

How to find Us

Machines Room makerspace is located in Containerville, just past Oval Space off Hackney Road.

#54-55 Containerville
35 Corbridge Crescent
London E2 9EZ

07519002927 (only Wednesday 1-9)

Please email us with any enquiries.


Opening Hours

Wednesday’s 1pm-9pm

24/hr Key holder access for professionals and organisations access by application


How do I start making?

To use the makerspace you need to first become a member. You will then be able to book online.


Can you make things for me?

We are a DIY space where you can join and make things yourself. At present we do not currently offer fabrication services.

Thomas Ermacora

Thomas Ermacora FRSA is an award winning Danish Architect-Urbanist, technology futurist, social entrepreneur, impact investor, cultural pioneer, author and humanitarian. Focused on bleeding edge social impact design and open source solutions since 2002, he has acted as strategic consultant for cities, developers, social landlords, local authorities and curated exhibitions to promote systems change.

In 2008 he founded Clear Village, the regeneration and acupuncture architecture nonprofit delivering programmatic interventions to imagine new commons that restore community wellbeing and build capacity for local resilience of fragile communities. His book Recoded City: Co-Creating Urban Futures is a vibrant and critically acclaimed global survey of the potential of participatory placemaking to empower citizens today.

Machines Room is a core part of one of Ermacora’s anchor projects; the Limewharf cultural complex in East London. He is the impresario of this first-of-its-kind hands-on laboratory for social and environmental innovation, started in 2012, mixing arts and science residencies with co-working, co-living and salons. We are at the heart of a tech-for-good cluster dubbed the ‘Maker Mile’, now part of the wider European Fabcity initiative, developing circular economy protoypes.

Beyond his social enterprise profile, he is on the board of a suite of early stage exponential technology startups and an advisor to the development of ecovillages looking at new models to meet the SDGs faster, especially considering approaches to serving indigenous populations and ways to channel large scale bioremediation approaches. Ermacora is also currently involved in launching challenge organisations with the Vatican, NASA and MIT serving the ‘bottom billion’, the refugee crisis and mitigating climate change.

UN COP15 Exhibitor, laureate of Next Moscow 2009 Festival for ‘Dreams on Wheels’, Reburbia Dwell/Inhabitat Competition Jury 2009, INDEX award nominee 2013, and Clinton Global Lead Fellow 2015, he is an expert advisor to the PPS/UNHabitat Global Placemaking Forum and World Economic Forum (WEF) ‘Shaping the Future of Urban Services and Infrastructure Initiative’ and has spoken at over 100 venues including Techonomy, Singularity Summit, and the UN General Assembly.


Kristin Luke – Studio Coordinator

Talk to Kristin about all things publicity, publishing, membership, or to know more about Machines Room in general.

Gareth Owen Lloyd – Head of Maker Projects

Talk to Gareth about the Maker Mile, Maker Residencies, getting to know the machines, or events programming.