Building the Precious Plastic recycling machines

We are building Dave Hakkens’ Precious Plastic machines! It’s a fantastic suite of 4 machines that start with shredding and then move through extrusion, injection and compression. The first stage is to build the machines – this is what they will look like… we hope!

Then the next stage is to make beautiful things from them!

The project is open source and has been beautifully documented. However, we have a steep learning curve about motors and welding and, well, how to build machines. So if you have any of that kind of knowledge you will be particularly welcome to join us.

You can monitor our progress on this Tumblr site (not much to show at the time of writing this!)

And you can join the Google group here if you want to introduce yourself and get involved.

We’ll be meeting up at Machines Room very soon so do join the Google group to find out dates.