Film and Video Location

Machines Room is the perfect place to shoot your Kickstarter video or TV programme. We've listed some of our favourite examples below. Please download our brochure for more details about the space.

BBC TV: Big Life Fix
This BBC Two series presented by Simon Reeve brings together some of the UK’s leading inventors who create and build life-changing solutions for people in desperate need.

Digital Fashion Magazine: Because
Emily makes a chair! She does this wearing clothes with deconstruction details by Faustine Steinmetz and Nicole Farhi. Yes, Machines Room makes a great fashion shoot venue.

Promo video: Opendesk x Greenpeace x Machines Room
Learn about Opendesk’s work with Greenpeace – made locally on our CNC machine here at Machines Room.

Kickstarter video: Plyset
See Plyset’s plywood and 3D printed lampshades (made from recycled filament) in this lovely promo video.

Kickstarter video: SamLabs
Organisational member and neighbour SamLabs shot much of this Kickstarter video here at Machines Room.

For more information about size, access and contact details, download our film and photo location info brochure here.