Kickstarter: Crane Lamp

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You are invited to the Kickstarter Launch Party for the Crane Lamp, designed by Matt Gilbert and made in Machines Room in East London. With your support this talented emerging designer will be able to launch and manufacture a beautiful work of design which has been incubating at Machines Room.

The Crane Lamp is a playful, kinetic light that can change dramatically in height and shape. The movable scissor structure form is inspired by the shape of the crane bird extending its neck to catch prey. The lamp seeks to invite play and interaction at a time when mechanical devices are increasingly replaced by digital ones.

Matt Gilbert is a London-based architect and designer who is inspired by all things kinetic. He enjoys working with mechanisms, pulleys, springs and anything that involves forces and motion.

Machines Room is a vibrant community of East London designers, architects, artists and engineers, with Fab Lab facilities for laser & vinyl cutting, 3D printing and CNC machines. We incubate artists, makers and micro businesses with a positive social or environmental aspect. We welcome experimental and disruptive models that change the how, where, and who of manufacturing in the city.

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