Talks with Kickstarter

Intentional Things, Building values into maker-led businesses.

The world is changing fast, but things – products and hardware – are still the only way that software technologies can access us humans. And until recently, the manufacturing of things was primarily reserved for those with access to large factories. Today, new tools and infrastructures, from desktop fabrication tools to crowdfunding, allow independent product businesses to flourish. Individual designers, makers, nonprofits, and startups with bold ideas can fund and deliver products that may not have found support through conventional methods.

So if industrial-era manufacturing has been disrupted, why not dismantle some of the problems that went with it – to create more intentional, ethical product businesses?

Kickstarter and Machines Room are collaborating on a series of three panels, alongside the new Cohort programme, that highlight the importance of building values into maker-led businesses, to create cultural value alongside capital value.

Doors open 18.00, talk starts 18.30, drinks and networking until 21.00