Learn plastic bottle joinery

Micaella Pedros Joining Bottles

Take home your own stool and learn this heat shrinking bottle technique with designer Micaella Pedros.

You will gain a hands-on experience with the Joining Bottles technique through the making of a functional structure.

About Joining Bottles:
Joining Bottles is an alternative wood-joining technique using shrunk plastic bottles. By heat, a simple plastic bottle is transformed into a wood bonding material offering a meaningful and accessible way to build functional structures. Joining Bottles seeks to contribute to new beliefs based on what we, as individuals and communities, can do with what is available to us.
About the stool:
The Joining Bottles Box Stool has been designed by Micaella to have a simple, strong and flexible construction system. For this workshop, you will build the model LĂ©on, made of birch plywood and pine wood legs.

About Micaella Pedros:
Micaella Pedros is a social and humanitarian product designer driven by the topics of energy, empowerment and culture. Through design, she seeks to contribute to society by unveiling ways to play and benefit from local resources and natural forces in order to empower people. Inspired by the values of democratic design and do-it-yourself culture, she truly developed her practice and philosophy during her volunteering experience in Uganda in 2014 and her work/travel in Guatemala in 2015. micaellapedros.com

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