Maker Library Network Residents Start

Last week we welcomed 6 new resident makers into the Maker Library. 4 professional makers join us for six months; Ross Atkin, Helen Steer, Phoenix Perry & Rachael Wallach. Craig Dunlop has come all the way from Cape Town where he is Maker Librarian and director of WorkSpace maker space and starts as the first International Maker Library Network Maker in Residence. He will spend a month contributing to building Machines Room’s Precious Plastics machines through his skills in welding, and taking back learning and experience to implement the project in Cape Town on his return. He will also learn tools for digital modelling and CNC fabrication through participating in the courses on offer in the space. Peter Smith is on the one month residency and is working with Machines Room’s waste wood and a lathe to return the machined material to it’s natural form.