Perpetual Printing Process

perpetual printing process by plyset

Julien Vaissieres and Dylan Bahnan, founders of Batch.Works have created a new auto-print technique and you can download the instructions they made on their Maker Library residency. Batch.Works want to make high quality products closer to where they’ll be used at an affordable price so they need to automate local manufacturing. While making their 3D printed lamps and desk organisers they quickly found that, instead of making, they were becoming oompa loompas, spending far too much of time just minding the printer, waiting for it to finish so they could press print for the hundredth time.

To fix this they decided to work on teaching the printer mind itself, with the auto-print technique. In a nutshell, perpetual printing or auto printing is where after a 3D print is finished, the printer itself will push the finished object out of the printer and start another object. It means the printer can be left to do what it does best, without someone having to come and service it, in theory enabling it to run all night.

They have shared the tips and tricks they’ve learnt during their residency at Machines Room over on their website:

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