Dedicated Desk space

Dedicated Desk Space

£ 300.00

These foldable, lockable desks are available for 6 months and up to 50% discount is available for projects with social impact.

Residents get:
– Residents can access the space 24 hours and have their own set of keys.
– ‘drop in’ access, meaning if a machine is not booked you can use it.
– 20% off training and machine booking
– a small locker and a large cupboard for your bits and bobs.

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Additional Information

i. You make

You work must have a tangible output that has a need for machinery or workshop space.

ii. You have an ambition to grow

This six month period is to kickstart your project (even make a kickstarter campaign!) We will incubate you and your idea.

iii. You are an individual

We only have space for individuals on the residency desks, but if you work with other people, they can become members (£5/month) and join you in the space. We can accommodate small teams as your project grows.

iv. Your project will have impact

We will prioritise applications from projects that consider circular economy, social design and critical making.

v. You are innovative

We are also excited by new processes, machines, and skills and welcome inventive applicants who are developing new techniques and want to share them.

vi. You're here a lot!

It is important Machines Room is your main place of work, we understand that makers often have a portfolio of income and you are welcome to work on multiple projects while you are here. It is important however that you are joining the Machines Room maker community and preference is for makers who will be in regularly.