Organisational Membership

£ 50.00

Organisational membership is designed to make life easy for busy creative companies. We offer a monthly group fee, a group induction, and a unique code that is used for all your machine time booking online.

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Product Description

Organisational membership entitles members to:

  • Use the space for work preparation
  • Use our WiFi
  • Enjoy our library of books and magazines
  • Use our tea & coffee facilities
  • Access our online education resources
  • Book equipment and workspaces.
  • 20% off hire of the classroom or event area

Organisational members are also automatically individual members, so can use the Machines Room for their own use. To do this they should pay with their own card instead of using the Organisational Code when booking.

Additional Information


£50 per month for up to 10 members
£100 per month for up to 20 members

Any materials, technician time or other extras bought from us will also be added to your bill.

We will invoice the membership fee, machine booking costs and extras at the end of each month.