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ShopBot CNC Shadowing

From: £ 75.00

Once you have attended the ShopBot CNC Machining Training, you will need to book at least one 1 hour shadowed session before you can use the machine yourself. It's like a driving test, but for the CNC!

Note: If your first project requires a longer booking than a single hour, please specify the length (up to 4 hours). You will only be charged the shadowing rate (£85) for the first hour, then £45/hr subsequently at checkout. Should you require further shadowing this will be advised on the day.

(Sign off for lone operation is subject to meeting minimum technical and safety requirements during the session. You will be automatically graded by our system and given a recommendation by the technician.)

Only users with an active Membership subscription that have attended ShopBot CNC Machine Training can book this.