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ShopBot Machine Training

This single day (10am-6pm) training session aims to provide members of Machines Room with the starting knowledge required to prepare and operate the large format ShopBot CNC machine.

During the session we will use the Opendesk Roxanne chair design. Up to 2 attendees can opt to keep the chairs for themselves.

No Dates Currently Available


Product Description

Learn how to use our full bed CNC machine

The ShopBot CNC training is an intensive session covering the following;

    • CNC Design Considerations
    • V-Carve Pro
    • Tooling
    • Feeds and Speeds
    • Toolpath Programming
    • Common Materials
    • Machine Safety
    • Cutting & Operation
    • Post Machining Processes

It is recommended that attendees bring materials for note taking due to the amount of information covered during the session.

Note: attendance does not permit immediate access to the CNC. Once you have completed the training session you will be required to have a minimum of one shadowed session (£75 p/hr) before being able to use the machine on your own (£33 p/hr standard rate).